About SweTree

SweTree Technologies is an innovation and development company, providing biological technologies and products to improve the productivity and performance of trees and wood properties for forestry, fibre and biomass related industries.

SweTree performs research and development both internally and in collaboration with and on behalf of clients like forest and biomass companies worldwide. SweTree is focused on three core application areas, Precision Breeding, Automated Somatic Embryogenesis plant propagation and Poplar Elite Clones.

SweTree has developed a unique innovation system to secure a broad scientific innovation base. Core of the innovation system is Woodheads, an innovation company including 40 of the most prominent Swedish researchers in their respective fields. These scientist’s competences range from tree biology and biochemistry to pulp and paper chemistry. SweTree has collaborations and an exclusive agreement with first right of refusal to all innovations from Woodheads' scientists.

To further increase SweTree's capability, a long-term strategic collaboration with the world-leading tree biotech research center Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) has been developed, giving SweTree a strong innovation and development resource through the 200 top-notch plant scientists at UPCS. For the same purpose, SweTree also has other strategical collaborations with leading institutes and companies.

As part of the innovation system, SweTree has built an IP portfolio consisting of more than 150 patents and applications active worldwide.

SweTree further develops these inventions and ideas into working innovations for our customers and the society, enabling a stronger BioEconomy.

The successful SweTree spinouts, Arevo and Cellutech, proves the strength of SweTree's concept and innovation system.

SweTree is a private company, founded in 1999 and based in Umeå and Uppsala, Sweden. Main shareholders are Woodheads, Stora Enso, Sveaskog, Kempestiftelserna and Holmen.

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Christofer Rhén CEO
Magnus Hertzberg CTO
Karin Johansson COO

Board members

Mikael Hannus Stora Enso, Chairman
Alice Kempe Kempe Foundation
Anna Karlberg Stora Enso
Ove Nilsson Woodheads
Maria Eriksson Woodheads
Fredrik Klang Sveaskog
Peter Berg Independent