Swedish Biotechnology Boosts Fibria’s Eucalyptus Development in Brazil

Fibria and SweTree Technologies takes the next step in the joint development for Eucalyptus in Brazil. The new agreement means that Fibria will use advanced biotechnology from SweTree Technologies in the effort to improve eucalyptus plantations.

The agreement signed by Fibria and SweTree Technologies strengthens the already existing collaboration between the Brazilian and Swedish companies. Fibria, the world leader in eucalyptus pulp production, will test SweTree’s biotech solutions on its eucalyptus plants in order to increase the revenue from the plantations. The activities implies continued development of biotechnology products aiming towards future commercial plantations in Brazil.

“The contract manifests key progress in the collaboration between Fibria and SweTree Technologies. With our joint efforts, we anticipate to take important steps towards significantly increasing the values of the plantations”, says Carl-Gustav Löf, CEO SweTree Technologies. 

Fernando Bertolucci, Fibria’s CTO, welcomes this win-win collaboration: “This research partnership is an important step in our forest biotech program, seeking for a better understanding of the potential benefits and impacts of biotech products in a responsible and sustainable way”. 

For more information, please contact: Carl-Gustav Löf, CEO SweTree Technologies, +46 70 609 95 10, carl-gustav.lof@swetree.com

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SweTree Technologies is a leading tree biotechnology company providing solutions to one of the major challenges of the future: sustainable growth of renewable and high value forest raw material facilitating replacement of non-renewable products. SweTree Technologies collaborates with leading Swedish universities and international partners with the purpose to insert our technologies in customers’ products and operations. SweTree has access to unique scientific results and resources through exclusive collaboration with cutting edge scientists from five universities in Sweden within biology, biotechnology and chemistry of plants. For more information please visit www.swetree.com.


Fibria is the world leader in eucalyptus pulp production and strives to meet the growing global demand for forestry products in a sustainable manner. With production capacity of 5.3 million tons of pulp per year, it has industrial units in Aracruz (Espírito Santo), Jacareí (São Paulo) and Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul), as well as in Eunápolis (Bahia), where it operates Veracel in a joint operation with Stora Enso. Fibria has 969,000 hectares of forests, with 568,000 hectares of planted forests, 338,000 hectares of environmental preservation and conservation areas and 63,000 hectares destined for other uses. The pulp manufactured by Fibria is exported to more than 40 countries. In May 2015, Fibria announced the expansion of its Três Lagoas unit, which will receive a new line with annual pulp production capacity of 1.95 million tons and is slated for startup in the fourth quarter of 2017. For more information please visit www.fibria.com.br/en/.