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One of SweTree Technologies core strengths is our network of collaborations, both academic and industrial.


Our understanding of tree biology and biochemistry emanates from an extensive scientific network, incorporating researchers from many of the key university institutions in Sweden, including:


We have a collaboration agreement with the forestry company Fibria in Brazil to improve the productivity in their Eucalyptus plantations.

In the somatic embryogenesis field we are collaborating with Sveaskog AB, Bergvik Skog AB, Södra and Holmen Skog AB.

The collaboration agreement with Mendel Biotechnology focuses on testing a selection of their transcription factor genes to describe the phenotype changes in trees. This will provide new, unique genes to enhance the proporties of trees in areas such as biomass, stress and energy content.

arGrow is being tested by many companies around the world in countries such as Sweden, USA, Canada, Uruguay, China, New Zeeland and Australia.

Our genes are for different purposes being tested by several companies with the purpose of using them for enhanced biomass and fiber production.

Woodheads AB

SweTree Technologies association with Woodheads AB, the worlds leading scientists in forest biotechnology, is one of our greatest assets. In this arrangement, SweTree Technologies has the right to all innovations in plant and forest biotechnology emanating from the members of Woodheads. As such, Woodheads AB provides unique research and the generation of innovations that propel our development of commercial offerings. Read more…