Somatic Embryogenesis

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I. Automated in vitro Somatic Embryogensis (SE) technology for production of Elite Norway spruce plants

Clonal propagation is necessary to fully capture the genetic gain from breeding programs and biotechnology modifications. The only method for realistic, cost effective large scale clonal propagation of conifers is through an Automated Somatic Embryogenesis (SE) Technology.

The SE Technology
  • Captures the full benefits from the breeding programs
  • Helps reducing the shortage of natural seeds
  • Is a cost effective complement to operations at seed orchards
  • Enables utilization of small and valuable seed sources
  • Secures long-term storage of Elite clonal material by cryopreservation
  • Is a Platform technology for future  biotechnology trees


II. Automation for in vitro propagation

Automated system solutions for enabling efficient large scale production of in vitro propagules by different methods, e g micropropagation.

Multi-step solutions for increased efficiency throughout the production process.

Flexible bioreactor system suitable for integration with automation technology.

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