Biotech Trees

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SweTree Technologies is within the Biotech Tree area working to improve trees for plantation forestry in order to support the advancement towards a Bio-based economy. Specific outcome for the society and our customers are:

  • Employment of renewable resources as sustainable alternative to fossil raw-materials
  • Reduction of the environmental foot-print
  • Increasing the efficiency by e.g. by increasing the production of biomass/fiber per hectare.
  • Adapting the trees such that:
    • Trees withstand the climatic change (stress tolerance)
    • The yield is increased
    • Wood properties are developed such that wood-fiber becomes an attractive resource for energy, new materials (e.g. textile fiber, carbon fiber, alternatives to plastics and steel), paper and pulp, energy etc.

SweTree Technologies has a comprehensive program in the area of Biotech Trees. Our activities include: Gene mining and Gene identification, proof of concept in GM aspen trees, development of our gene technologies, aspen field trials, genetic transformation of most advanced technologies into commercial Eucalyptus clones for customers as well as supporting Eucalyptus field trials.

Actual traits we concentrate our work on are:

  • Improved yield
    • Possibility to produce more or to use less land
  • Improved wood quality
    • For bio-chemical, bio-fuel purposes
    • For pulping purposes
    • For new material purposes
  • Improved performance during drought
  • Improved water and nutrient use efficiency


A mayor achievement for the area of Biotech trees is our Gene mining effort. This program was aimed to identify genes influencing wood composition, fiber dimensions and biomass growth in trees. We have so far tested over 1500 genes. We are currently further developing more than 25 different genes emanating from this program.

We are also actively collaborating with external parties such as the Woodheads researchers and Mendel Biotechnology Inc. SweTree is also an active participator in EU based research projects. These different collaborations broadens SweTree’s Trait gene portfolio to areas such as abiotic stress resistance, water use efficiency and nutrient use efficiency.

SweTree has a continuous interest to evaluate new genes from third parties such as Academia and Plant Biotech companies.

SweTree works with several end users and are open to discuss projects with new customers.