Application Areas

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SweTree Technologies focuses on selected key application areas. Within these areas we offer products and strategic partnerships

The forest and pulp & paper industry belongs to one of the world’s largest industrial sectors with a total turnover similar to that of the healthcare industry. However, the industry suffers from low returns on capital investment and increased environmental concerns over forestry practices.

It has, therefore, become essential to find ways to enhance sustainable harvests and improve the efficiency of re-forestation programs, as well as preserve habitat integrity and biodiversity. The general demand for wood fibers is also expected to increase, both with the development of the global economy, and also due to the fact that it is a renewable resource with potential usage in many more applications, e.g. as raw material for bioenergy.

In this new era, new tools and techniques will be of the utmost importance to increase the value of trees, wood and derived products. SweTree Technologies will apply its products, technologies and innovations to selected key application areas in order to meet different productivity, efficiency and performance needs.

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